History of Beer Blues Festival

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22 April 2023

History of Beer Blues


FROM 1998


Originally hosted and organised by dear friends to many on the Blues music scene, Jim and Sheila Riley, the history of our wonderful festival began in 1998.

Wanting to create their own event, Jim and Sheila found the perfect place to invite fans of Blues, R’nB and Rock ‘n Roll music... Beer, Devon.

From humble beginnings, over the years, the Beer Blues Festival has grown into a major musical and social event in the music festival calendar, whilst always retaining its own pleasant, unique charm that brings supporters back year on year.

The festival has always offered a wide variety of artists that cover all aspects of the Blues genre, from established musicians to younger up and coming acts.

The current custodians of the festival, Phil Astles and Stuart Bligh, aim to build on the incredible foundation left to them by the passion and hard work of others before them, bringing you an annual weekend of great memories.... guaranteed!